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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dee Illuminati supports John McCain

I supported McCain in 2000 with cash donations and even spending some time at his campaign office in Columbia, SC.

But this year is different. This election and the candidate choosen will have a profound impact on the future of this country and we can't afford to get it wrong.

In my earlier Blog I mentioned former CIA director Jim Woolsey and I'm comforted that he is actively supporting McCain.

I actually saw the interview from Fox news on a TV in McDonalds during lunch today where Woolsey discussed his support of McCain.

While some claim economic alchemy, and others blame the Iraq war for all our economic woes, few grasp the 'sentient moment' that the conflict in Iraq imposes on this nation as well as the national security experts McCain has as supporters, and the imperative that we prosecute the military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan effectively. Now I mention the 'sentient moment' to draw a distinction between how the war started, how it was initially managed and prepared for, how post invasion plans were handled, and the fact that we are still confronted with the circumstances as they are, the sentient moment. And truth be told McCain made some good calls before it was politically popular, denouncing torture by military professionals, and denouncing Rumsfeld's leadership which cost this nation goodwill, treasure, and time by now almost universal asknowledgement as being the 'incorrect policy.'

And for those who claim that the efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan do impact the economy, well they are correct. And that is precisely why it is imperative to get leadership in office that can manage these challenges, because folks we can't afford to get this wrong, or allow a CEO to have the luxury of on the job training.

Even today, in a manner that I could not have imagined in complexity, I have been introduced to yet another facet in the diamond of insight of why we have to mimimize the costs of these conflicts with effective leadership. This nation cannot accept, afford, or endure another 'boo boo' in management of our armed forces, mismanage expectations with results and resources, and must get the most from our armed forces without frankly running that institution into the ground. Yeah, your damn right it's about the economy, and your damn right the war costs in treasure and blood, and your that is precisely why McCain is the best candidate. He offers this nation the greater cost savings by effectively managing national security than say, a quick fix stimulus package designed to offset systemic default risk and as a recapitalization effort to our financial sector.

In comparrison, effective leadership in National security dwarfs the 150 to 200 billion package to re-liquify banking to keep this nation functioning over the next two quarters. That type of economics was a given, and frankly there was sufficient wisdom in Henry M. Paulson to announce 'early' that a deal was close, to hurry one along. (For the record Dee Illuminati recognizes that Henry M. Paulson is a good man and did the right thing.)

I have a great deal of comfort with the Woolsey endorsement, the ability for McCain to look upon the event horizon for this nations needs for the next 30 to 50 years, and assist this transformation and meeting of challenges in the most efficient manner than all the other GOP candidates.

I should say something good about Senator John Warner who shared a vision with McCain and others, and brought this nation to a point where this 'sentient moment', this choice in FL, and John's election is possible.

It takes courage to do the right things. Courage more than political skill, and frankly the national security ctredentials, from a purely economic perspective, make McCain the obvious choice from the GOP in 2008.

We have to continue national security policies as if the metric results of those polcies, those milestones, mattered economically and were not politcal fodder.

McCain is the right choice in 2008

"Obviously, I have to talk to you about the war in Iraq," he says somberly as the crowd quiets. "All of us — all of us — are frustrated. All of us are angry because of the mishandling of the war. All of us are saddened by the loss of our most precious asset, and that's American blood."

Even so, the costs of retreat would be higher, fueling chaos in Iraq and drawing terrorists to U.S. shores, he says. "I want us to have patience. I want us to succeed."


What is the political impact of the war on his campaign?

"I don't think about it," he says. Period. Usually the most quotable of candidates, he seems determined to utter as few words as possible on the topic. He sits almost completely still and speaks so softly it's hard to hear what he's saying.

Even though he does want to be elected president?

"Sure, but not so badly that I would let it affect this issue," he says, then repeats a line he has used before: "I would rather lose an election than lose the war."

We need courage, wisdom, conviction, and not a 'yes man'. In effect we need the courage to look out on to the event horizon and seize the moment of a better America. You can do that as well, support McCain.

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