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Friday, January 18, 2008

I want you choking on coal fumes also!

I want you choking on coal fumes like I do! I own no stock in General Electric and wish I had, that would have been nice to hear that they are investing another two billion in wind generated electricity, so the next time I get a wiff of the coal emmisions their turbines would be churning out cash.

Coal Industry Plugs Into the Campaign

A group backed by the coal industry and its utility allies is waging a $35 million campaign in primary and caucus states to rally public support for coal-fired electricity and to fuel opposition to legislation that Congress is crafting to slow climate change.

The group, called Americans for Balanced Energy Choices, has spent $1.3 million on billboard, newspaper, television and radio ads in Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina.

One of its television ads shows a power cord being plugged into a lump of coal, which it calls "an American resource that will help us with vital energy security" and "the fuel that powers our way of life." The ads note that half of U.S. electricity comes from coal-fired plants.

On Tuesday night, the issue came up during the debate among the three leading Democratic presidential candidates.

Former senator John Edwards said, "I believe we need a moratorium on the building of any more coal-fired power plants unless and until we have the ability to capture and sequester the carbon in the ground."

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) said, "I have said we should not be siting any more coal-powered plants unless they can have the most modern, clean technology. And I want big demonstration projects to figure out how we would capture and sequester carbon."

Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) did not commit himself on coal plants but said Americans had to make their buildings, lighting and appliances "more efficient."

I would have thought that 35 million would be better invested in GE!

GE Unit Boosts 2010 Renewable Energy Investing Target to $6 Billion, Announces Its Largest Wind Deal

And GE stock isn't toilet loaf swirling down the crapper along with the rest of the DOW.

This is the picture of sunset from my apartment.

If that is good enough for me, that should be good enough for you.

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