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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jack Welch and CNBC and defense of DAVOS

I tuned in to CNBC to catch the global markets this morning, and there was Jack Welch. And Dee Illuminati and Jack go back to the 90's when mean old Dee Illuminati noticed what Dee felt was some pretty piss poor comentary on the part of Jack on the internet stocks, tulipmania, or what is now known as the tech-bubble. So Jack and his wife took objection to my opine, my commentary in Yahoo message rooms. Jack and Co. contacted the SEC and even got über commenatry Lesley Stahl to allow him to pontificate there.

He has his wife, Jane, to thank for that, he says. "(Jane) had been involved in the Internet for years. I just didn't get it," says Welch, who says his wife showed him an Internet message board where the messages really hit home.

"She went to a Yahoo message board on GE and they were talking about me," he recalls. "It was all gossip,...rumors....'God,' I go, 'This is really fascinating.' And then...I got hooked."

But that is not all that Jack said, he was confusing the commentary at Yahoo with his interpretation of it as: "It was all gossip,...rumors....'God,'" and went as far as to advocate policing it to Jack's standards or opine.

Well Jack lets take a look down memory lane and see who is correct? I held the position that the market was over valued and that the stocks that your show pimped were as a generalization "pieces of shit" and guess what Jack? Jack didn't know shit as he pimped them stocks until all but the village idiots knew that they were junk.

But the reason for this post is in defense of Davos, I mean I think that the conspiracy theories about simply meeting and talking are not dangerous, Jack and his wife didn't feel that way about Yahoo chat, wanted to police the discussion, but I think that discussion is legal Jack, and see no problem in Davos meeting. I have no desire to protest them, or label them or generalize them as Jack so recklessly did similar to his wife's comments on Yahoo and 60 minutes. I mean while the SEC was inquiring, they might have inquired why you were pimping GE and trolling Yahoo as you held a material financial interest to do so from a financial perspective.

But Jack's comments to Joe Kernen were hillarious when Joe reminded the über pimp that Cisco's valuations were ridiculous, that Apple was over valued, and that the bubbles were as systemic as the default risk of NPL's. And the comment by Jack to Joe Kernen was similar to his compalints about Dee Illuminati. I mean he got nasty, as if a dissenting opine was 'disrespectful' and a belief that despite the MSM access to 60 minutes, his own network, his personal platform for economic pontification, that the 'truth' from Dee Iluminati was dangerous. The comment about Maria and live from the stock floor rocked the internet, Crammer and Eggs was hillarious, and there was Jack today, pimping the same old tired story.

If you read the previous post you see why Jack is so definetly in the third stage of awareness. After criticizing the politicans Mit Romney and Obama for a lack of candor, willing to speak truth, he advocated firing anybody that didn't agree with you on a mangement team, suggested that Rumsfeld should have been fired sooner, and then snarled at Joe, I'm gonna go after you like I did Dee Illuminati!

I mean is this man as insane as his comments appear? Can this man really be the perenial apologist for the bubbles that he advocates? Can this man really believe that anything but access to cheap energy fuels productivity? Or did he instead use his TV access to advocate a bailout to GE Capital Finance, continuing "eating your home", and the notion that corporations (Jack really objected to them in the derogatory tense) should be efficient, avoid debt, and financially sound, but that the US public should not? I mean is that the Jack policy? He seemed to be going into a heroin withdrawal as he advocated the loosening of money so the consumer could borrow some more!

This is the advice of Jack, people should be candid, as long as they agree with me, or be fired, and that debt got us into this problem, so debt is the answer to get out of it, and don't say anything derogatory about corporations, and Joe Kernen don't you get uppity to me.

I mean Jack is from the school of economics of people like the sweet taste of shit.

All the commentary, the ECB should lower, China should float, fix the trade balance, lower the deficit, turn on the rotors of liquidation, etc.. seem to ignore base economic principles of savings and efficiency, and ignore the 'one area' that the USA has complete control of, it's national energy policy that has done NOTHING to promoted fuel efficiency, conservation, and renewable generation. Putting aside the jumbo loan disclosure, the brain fart that a stimulus package would result in 'buy America,' or any of Jack's 'peculiar beliefs' Jack ommitted the one area that is completely in the control of the economy to create the basis for growth.

The suggestion that Jack promoted, that Jack Welch should be POTUS is the most narcistic, myoptic, and dellusional proposition I have heard on your network yet!

But you Jack definetly need another face lift, get one for the wife and kids, along with their IPODS, pitch in for one for Stahl as well. Oh I'm not revisiting her bad commentary that she has apologized for, just pointing out that your petulant response to Joe Kernen, your willful ignoring of economic reality, your ability to criticize as the owner of a network without fair-time rebuttal, advocate censorship of Yahoo chat rooms, makes you a 'piece of work' in need of well.... a.... an honest commentary.

Yes Davos should meet and discuss the issues, and so should people on Yahoo, and if they disagree with you Jack, they really ought to be listened to carefully based on your track record. Jack Welch's success was during a stock market bubble, and not necessarily due to Jack's management technique. For awhile numerous CEO's were lauded as succesful Jack, until the bubble burt and they went BUST! I loved the response by Obama to your tax question when he quoted Buffet, you Jack were a CEO, Warren Buffet is a CEO, there the simularities end.

Jack Dee Illuminati spoke the 'candid truth' about you in 97, 98, and 99 on the Yahoo boards, I said that people would lose listening to your lame ass opine, your network of schills, your pimping of unsound economic policies, you Sir were the beneficiary of a stock bubble, not the business leader you imagined yourself then, and certainly not the leader you imagine yourself as a reflection of your comments today.

I did email your show to share my comments, Dee Illuminai is just doing fine, making no apologies or retractions.

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