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Monday, February 11, 2008

Thomas Peter Lantos February 1, 1928 – February 11, 2008

As I viewed pictures to choose from Google image search, this one seemed to say fairwell.

There are some people who do not wake up each morning wondering who they are. Tom was one of those people who had an internal compass that guided his life and beliefs.

When I think of the works of Viktor Frankl both the dark sides of his studies and the affirmation of the human condition, I think of scientific calculated political horror and abuse of Fascism, and then of people like Tom.

Tom Lantos was a good man who fought evil, refused to surrender to the darker aspects of human nature, and advocated a better world as a consequence of the experiences he had endured.

No Tom was not the type to need a poll or a focus group to tell him how to think or what positions to promote. Tom was the real deal, an American by choice, and missed by all.

Tom Lantos February 1, 1928 – February 11, 2008

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