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Monday, March 24, 2008

1999 and Bob Dole and Kosovo

Lets go back to History and remember, uhhmm who was behind liberating Kosovo? Hillary Clinton?

The Administration has enlisted former Senator Bob Dole, a champion of the ethnic Albanian cause, to go to Kosovo to try to persuade the ethnic Albanians to agree to the settlement that they balked at signing more than a week ago in Rambouillet. Mr. Milosevic has, however, denied Mr. Dole a visa to enter Yugoslavia. He planned instead to have his meetings with ethnic Albanian leaders in Skopje, the Macedonian capital. {1}

I don't think I can vote for somebody who doesn't share the same reality as the rest of us do. If you know anything of the Kosovo conflict it was Bob Dole who takes credit for that foreign policy and the proposition that Chelsea was tossed into the middle of a hot landing zone laughable.

The video leaves you wondering if she is just an oportunistic liar or delusional? Irrespective the first criterion for commander in chief is being reality based, credible, and of a sound mind. Irrespective of liar or lunatic, this is not the person I want answering a phone as commander in chief.

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