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Sunday, April 13, 2008

UC Berkeley School of Law exonerates Hitler

In a lurid definition of academic sophistry, Berkley Law school exonerates Nazism under some liberal quibbling, note how the law school raises the issue of Nazi activities, and then goes to great lengths to insinuate in academic jargon that, we exonerate war criminals under some kind of response to McCarthyism.

Here is Berkley the reasoning. It would have been more dignified to have remained silent, just to have turned your back on this individual as a professional.

Some people have no business being teachers.

I mean technically Charles Manson never committed a crime, he just hung out with those that did!

Here we have a photo of the PHD types,

Doctor Josef Mengele (second left), held an advanced degree. So exactly what has academics to do with the argument of if Yoo is capable to hold any public position where he teaches?

Do any of these people subjected to the same scrutiny of the arguments listed at a US law school website stand non-qualified to teach?

Berkley I imagine is ashamed and I hope the alumni let that fact be known.

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