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Thursday, April 17, 2008

VA benefits in the campaign season

I heard a compelling story this morning from a call-in from a woman on C-span seeking help for a brother who was mentally ill and a veteran. 4-17-2008

Remote R-Pennsylvania, 9th District (Altoona)
Cannon Armed Services Committee Member
House office
Building Topic: Congressman Bill Shuster will discuss the care of U.S. troops when they return home from deployment and the current cutbacks at the Veterans Administration.

Remote Blair County (PA) Democratic Party
Bus Chairman
Topic: Our guest will discuss adequacy of care for local veterans and why he believes the Democratic party is better suited to manage their needs.

From a bipartisan and moderate perspective, as much progress as has been made, and yes the VA is making progress on many fronts, still much needs to be done.

I guess to sum this up, this issue is not a Republican or Democratic issue, but instead an American issue. And as Americans we can find areas to improve care and benefits for not only the current conflict's casualties but those who served in other conflicts or wars.

Irrespective of a call-in from a Korean War vet, Vietnam, Gulf-War, or Iraq and Afghanastan we need to make good on a social contract that is part of the fabric of our society.

This is not a political issue, this is an American issue.

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