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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Energy Summit 2008

“We’ve got a coalition of tree huggers, do-gooders, sodbusters, hawks, and evangelicals.”

Well lets see, got a tree farm, but don't hug em.

do-gooder??? Well can't say I'm the boy scout either.

Sodbuster?? Not exactly.. own a farm but no crops to harvest save the trees.

Hawks.. well maybe but in a pragmatic manner.

Evangelical? yeah... thats me.

Not since the evangelical days of MSFT have I known with complete certainty the direction of events to unfold. Back when 735714@compuserve was my email address, and Beta win95 was hot, did I know for certainty that the world was changing. I sense that change now. I sense it as it is the pragmatic aligned with the commercial that meets a human need.

In a similar manner where the internet was a revolution for communication, energy conservation will be the subsequent revolution out of stagflation.

The simple proposition, heh.. lets not leave money on the side of the road and send it to people who dislike us fundamentally is brilliant.

This is not an endeavor to get national security people on board, it is instead an endeavor to get wallstreet onboard.

But the finance community is in transformation at this juncture, institutions dealing with the consequnces of a US dollar tied to oil, and the implications of oil prices going steadly higher.

If ever there was a moment in time when things were going to change it was now in regards to energy policy. It is that "connectoid moment" where aol and MSFT craeted an interface that allowed neanderthals to access the internet, and you just knew that the world was going to change.

Well this has been the generation of revolution and evolution, a communication evolution and revolution along with an energy one as well, in a very short time.

This event is what Jared Diamond was optomistic about in his book, Collapse where he felt that the internet and communication was our ace in the hole to meet challenges.

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