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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Commemorating 911

I noticed this article at Marketwatch.

Significant New Information Details CIA Criminal Culpability in Allowing the 9/11 Attacks!

And I recall the "bad call" statement.

A bad call?The White House is on the defensive over revelations that it had been warned of possible terrorist hijacks before 11 September - and that the FBI knew al-Qaeda was training pilots.

The "bad call" statement came from a Sunday morning talk show interviw with Condi.

And then there is the part of commemorating 911 that is really in bad taste, I mean I'm awaiting the commemorating of 911 sponsored like a golf event by some corporate entity, as selectively that event is portrayed for benefit.

I mean we have to decide what is appropriate and what is shameful exploitation.

I was home from work due to a surgery I had had the day before. It was my daughters birthday, she was turning 19, and this was her first birthday away from home. I had taken a couple of vicodins, to ease the pain of the surgery and had just settled in at my computer and turned on the morning news with a pretty good narcotic fog around me. The first thing I see is a couple of talking heads (Paula Zahn maybe) in front of a picture of one of the World Trade Center towers and its on fire, they are speculating about what has happened. when suddenly, from the side, a second airliner strikes the other tower. I , like the rest of the nation, stare in disbelief, shock and anger at what Im witnessing take place. IRC begins exploding, and of course Tribalwar takes the ball and runs with it. You begin to see the entire spectrum of tribalwar expose itself, good, bad, ugly, caring, thoughtful, provocative, retarded. The threads continue to grow at a dizzying pace, and suddenly Rayn posts a picture, a picture where he has identified what appears to be the face of a demon in the smoke of the second impact. The major news sites get ahold of this picture, and use it, as a symbol of the panic and speculative new sites being thrown around that day. CNN makes a bad judgement, and hotlinks Rayns' pic directly from Tribalwar. Soon, Rayn discovers their mistake, and this incident became known as "When Rayn Goatse'd 300,000 people. I'll never be able to seperate Trialwar from the other memories of 9/11, so that will be my "most memorable moment"

Incidentally, I archived that event in PDF (signatured) and screenshots and the subsequent proof that the AP photos were not doctired.

Even the Goatse website which changed it's content to commemorate 911.

I think that from the Goatse incident on, there has been a battle over the narrative of 911. Much of this information has been lost, and much purposefully saved.

But watch those who seek to profit from the event, who battle over the narrative.

I think that they are vultures.

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