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Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin to be energy independence chief in John McCain's government

.....say that Governor Palin is inexperienced.......

Lets see what the WSJ has to say:

Three years after Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf still hasn’t recovered its pre-2005 production levels, CIBC notes. Thanks to rapid production declines at existing fields and huge delays getting new fields operational, official U.S. government forecasts for the Gulf’s role in U.S. oil production are wildly overblown, Mr. Rubin says:

Instead of ramping up production to over 2 million barrels per day as once dreamed by the Departments of the Interior and Energy, Gulf of Mexico production is likely to fall to a low of a million barrels per day by 2013—a third lower than the region’s production prior to the 2005 storm season.

Well there’s always Alaska, right? Governor Sarah Palin has brought drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge to the Republican ticket. Doesn’t matter, say the guys at CIBC:

It is certainly clear that no matter what policies are taken toward the ANWR, the region will provide no offset to a further decline in both Gulf of Mexico production and lower 48 state oil production over the next five years.

You would of thought that there would have been a departure from empty promises by the GOP on energy.

This woman has no where near the credentials of say ANYBODY on this list.

Claiming that she is an expert is just not credible to me and a bait and switch on the larger issue of getting serious about national security.

As if 'one' of these individuals could not be vetted, withstand a press conference, and wasn't an 'existing' expert.

As soon as I heard the announcement of Palin I knew it was business as usual, more secret energy meetings, higher prices at the pump. and no real commitment to energy security.

OIL is ubiquitous as a commodity, the assumption that that oil is "America's oil" ought to be questioned, especially in front of an Alaskan audience.

Huge freaking leap backwards for any real commitment to change.

I'm reminded of the argument that Sarah lives near the hospital, ergo Sarah is a nuerosugeon.

Within the energy community she has no 'creds.'

She has the wrong religion, she isn't a true believer.

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