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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The commanding heights of the New American Century III

The third commanding heights is Energy and might well be the first, but of course looking at an oil rich country and an oil poor country will that this is not always the case.

The last tow segments of the first part of the Commanding Heights in the battle of ideas has none other than Newt Gingrich self-congratulating himself for a circumstance where Opec has maintained a commanding heights on energy while deregulation of energy in the west has criplled our nations.

Commanding Heights The Heights Go Up For Sale and the final chapter raise some distrubing questions.

I guess the first is why is it that Newt feels that it is preferable to have an impression that Hayek could not do a news conference or be on the Today show and that the message or idea's of Hayek were best translated by Reagen? There is a message that somehow that these ideas had to be sold or spun, and that the public was benefited somehow. I ask this question, suppose Hayek looked at the current circumstance and said, "that was not what I had had in mind." Deregulation and the depositing of commanding heights industries has not been exactly good for the economy in some areas, most notably in energy and water.

The final chapter asks the question that we are currently faced with, this all sounds good, "but what happens if there is a global recession/depression or war?" that is now what we are facing.

In effect OPEC meets and decides on quotas, and maintains a commanding heights, while deregulation in the west has evaporated pools of capital to meet national security requirements of energy. Is this a battle of ideas? I guess I have to wonder if this is the core issue with muslim and christian nations? If deregulation and non-government ownership of industries (un-nationalizing) of commanding heghts industries is a sound economic idea, why did Saudia Arabia not do it?

This type of thinking is often performed when the assertion is the conclusion, or not allowing facts to stand in the way of your convictions. Two months removed from September 15 where a global meltdown in unregulated markets occured, one must ask, did these people celebrate much to soon? And has their demands to nationalize the bad debts essentially reiterated the fact that they are in fact socialists? Perhaps in the wake of the Carter years and the oil embargo era, the fact is that the west adopted a pump-n-dump economy and that certain politicians "spun" the idea of Hayek to meet short term goals and profits that have eroded our economies far greater than the socialist policies that they claimed to oppose?

Let's look at the commanding heights of energy. Has the deregulation worked? If so why has Constellation Energy avoided bankruptcy by being bought by Buffet? Where is the capital to build the smart transmission grid? It is as if you are asked to watch that commanding height narrative and ignore the fact that in 1965 OPEC was formed as a commanding height. Hayek must be spinning is his grave like a Wankel rotary engine as the debacle of unregulated markets have destroyed the economies he cared about.

As you watch the video of Thatcher crushing coal, a national security interest and commanding height when the UK was isolated and embargo of WWII, or as the dollar was unpegged by Nixon, or as Carter was held hostage by Opec, Reagan Iran Contra, two gulf-wars, (and the narrative heralded the Falklans conflict) and ignored Opec and the gulf wars, you have to wonder if your leg is being pissed upon?

Our economies didn't change because capitalists suddenly read Hayek or as a consequence that capitalist love government intervebntion in their interests, where tax payer money sells assets at bargain price, or buys losing assets at above mark to market, no that never changed, what changed is that we LOST THE COMMANDING HEIGHT OF ENERGY.

CIA, NSA, WSJ or the PBS documentary isn't gonna tell you this, and some glib spinning by discredited politicians will not either. But that is the fact. Boone Pickens will tell you this fact but focus on a dilluted message, Cheney and Co. pretended to be oil men, and were, that is market-oriented-oil-men, and after a decade leave this nation in worse case than when Reagen and Thatcher capitulated.

But the truth is this, we need as a commanding heights of an electrical grid that is intelligent and can bridge the transformation from oil so that we have an industrial base that can meet jobs at home and national security abroad.

Empirical data shows that energy from draft animals, to rivers, wind and sail, water mills, oil, electricity, all affect a society economic health through out history. And you would have to believe the narrative presented by some that that commanding height had somehow changed because somebody wrote a book, which was spun by politicians, and we find ourselves in a circumstance where the proposition that unregulated markets is no KNOWN to be false.

We are on the cusp of global recession, probable depression, in wars abroad, and the assumption that there is no commanding heights and deregulation evident in a lack of a coherent energy policy and the debacle on walls street where each day a new supplicant for a socialist bailout appears.

Make no mistake about it, the loss of the commanding heights of energy in the west is the cause of economic woes. Take the charts of importation of oil and overlay them upon the deficiets and you cannpt escape this fact excluding wars.

“Without the slightest doubt, the technology for a hydrogen economy exists or can be developed in reasonable time. Also, hydrogen is an appropriate energy carrier for particular niche applications, or it may become an important medium for electricity storage with reversible fuel cells. But hydrogen can never establish itself as a dominant energy carrier.

It has to be fabricated from high grade energy and it has to compete with high grade energy in the market place. Hydrogen cannot win this fight against its own energy source. Physics is eternal and cannot be changed by man. Therefore, a “Hydrogen Economy” has no past, no present and no future. The road to sustainability leads to an “Electron Economy”. ”

Does a Hydrogen Economy Make Sense? Ulf Bossel, Ph.D. European Fuel Cell Forum

As a national security priority, as a means to create jobs, we need a new apollo project similar to the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 we need to power an economy as well as manage it. Make no mistake about it, and serious analysis performed postmortem will show the west's markets failed not because we didn't "kick their ass and steal the gas" or we were not resolved sufficiently to oppose Islam, but instead because the greed associated with deregulation blocked common sense nationals security issues and that the attitude had become "lets not allow facts to stand in the way of our convictions" and energy as a commanding height was ignored.

NO nation through out history has prospered without energy sources, the supposition that this is not a commanding height is an economic issue that cannot be argued. Stating that private industry will meet national security objectives, create the capital for a smart grid, did not happen. The profits were siphoned off from our society and now the TAXPAYER money as Thatcher decried is now at risk.

How dare you presume the intellectual dishonesty?

There is no spinning away the culpability.

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Sheilanagig said...

You sure don't seem like a little old lady that would allow her husband to beat her for 60 years.

Moreover, I haven't heard the term intellectual dishonesty (or integrity for that matter) for donkeys years. And most don't care that they ignore anything they don't already believe.

I enjoyed your article; will follow your blog.