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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama take notice the nfl network blackout and Thanksgiving taken hostage by greed

The NFL has an unusual Federal anti-trust exemption that lets them run what amounts to a football monopoly. However, the NFL Network, owned by the league, is an attempt to extort this anti-trust exemption and gouge consumers and the audience during hard times.

Yes when millions are on the dole, the NFL NETWORK extends their greedy hands into the homes on a national holiday and prohibits the viewing of a game.

When asked on TV what Obama would do for sports he answered have a national playoff for college football. That would be nice, but what I would like to see is the POTUS give us back what has been taken from the public, football on Thanksgiving!

The POTUS has to decide where the limits of corporate greed end?

A good starting point is to look into the traditional Federal anti-trust exemption and then inquire if the NFL NETWORK is in the spirit of this Federal anti-trust exemption?

I think any fair minded person would conclude that it is not.

Yes amidst the foreclosures, amidst the downturn in the economy, admidst the expectations that consumers will spend less this holiday season, the NFL by fiat has demanded this holiday season that the consumer pay more as a consequence of the Federal anti-trust exemption.

Sounds strangely American, just the type of America that the public voted 'NO' to in the last election.

So pay attention carefully, the pigs are at the trough in the NFL.

I would like to see the teams nationalized, where the cities who pay for the stadiums are liberated from the greed of these owners and to return the sport to the public.

I would especially like to see this happen in Miami.

Yeah, let me say it again, greed stole football from Thanksgiving. We should care as this corporate greed is the problem and not the solution as we have been told.

Ask the unemplyed, ask the newly foreclosed homeless, if this type of capitalism is what you want?

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