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Thursday, December 4, 2008

“The blood, guts, and feathers of it.”

T. Boone hates getting misquoted, so let me help you out. It is not as if T. Boone had said of Stephen Moore “A fool with a plan can beat a genius without a plan”
So I will, Stephen Moore is a "damn fool" and no genuis and as the economy illustrates: “A fool with a plan can beat a genius without a plan”

Stephen Moore (economist), Economist and former president of the Club for Growth and senior fellow at the Cato Institute "claims" to have a plan, his plan is that there is no plan and that having no plans allows the markets to make the right choice.

I mean pin this guy down on this: His plan is no plan!

Now lets look at what this guy is saying and think closely, it is a reiteration of "don't let the facts stand in the way of your convictions."

But that is what a portion of the Republican party has become, a proposition that a position is superior to a policy. As you wonder why the post invasion of Iraq was such a debacle keep in mind that this faction had some propositions and a position before the Iraq invasion, then invaded Iraq where the Pentagon had a plan, and then there was no plan! A proposition and a position is not a plan!

I heard somebody yapping last night about Reagen and the 1980's. And I thought to myself, ok the guy has a propositiony, but what changed and happened? So I asked: name me three manufacturers within 50 miles. And the yapping ceased and the wheels turned and he finally reach 100 miles away to grab one, then another, and then another. I didn't bother to drive home the trade deficeit, budget deficeit, or the he was busy yapping cutting taxes to spurr supply-side spending and I had to ask, why not just 'cut a check' direct to China? We don't manufacture or supply anything that can circulate a supply-side equation. But still yapping he continued, when I asked: Is inflation a tax he paused.. and then in the genuine spirit of never allow facts to stand in the way of your opinions.. he skipped the question and insisted we spend our way out of the crisis by not paying our bills and selling more assets to foreigners? The stupidity was appalling and there he was yapping....

What gets me when you meet the "let the market make the rules" type is that they want to sell their mother after they sold say Chinese National Oil Company (CNOOC) bid to buy a controlling interest in UNOCAL, Loral satellite technology, and this is not zenophobia but instead common sense.

The recognition that supply side economics works only when there is something supplied, and not in the case where something is always sold and borrowed.

I mean honestly.. has anybody said the obvious, save, work harder, be more productive, as productivity means.. 'doing more with less?'

T. Boone gets it.. wants to produce locally, create a suplly side economy, and supply our own energy. And minus the jobs and the change in the amount of oil imported since 1980 (Reagen) and 2009 that is what is needed!

But rest assured that those who claim that no-plan is the plan are still at Wall Street. Main Street is now heading in the opposite direction.

The last Eight years are dest summed up as "It was the lack of a plan stupid, it was a lack of plan." Or simply stated a "miserable failure." Listen carefully, on social security, these guys wanted to put the money in wall street where there is no plan, on derivatives.. there is no plan, on the CDO's no plan, on Itaq.. no plan.













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