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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bruised ego and dignity

And to paraphrase a commenter over at Ace of Spades, after loading that boat up with egos and self righteousness, there couldn't have been much room left for medical supplies....

Now I haven't got a dog in this fight but know a damn fine quote when I read one, but I was curious to see what the other guy looked like when I saw the news this morning of the Dignity pulling into port. I have seen similar danage done by Dentists and Attorneys who get their bow thrusters stuck, (the guy swore they were stuck) as he ate away at the pilings with the side of his Yacht.

Absurd... hmmm... well lets say it this way: This is either the theatre of the absurd, politics at it's finest, or politics at it's worse.

I see it as politics. I'm flying Swiss colors on this one.

But yeah now that the dignity has a black eye you have to wonder what the other guy looks like from the scrap? I mean was this a huge destroyer, corvair, dingy, pilling, barge, etc??? I mean if the HMS Lollipop gets rammed I want to see both the boats.

Well you knew that this story was going to lead the news cycle.

Lets see how this one unfolds.

Back to real news with real impacts, Focus on Weatherization Is Shift on Energy Costs. I recall FPL using this approach in 2006. It is a simple yet effective program. I'm glad the first solution proposed was the most cost effective and achievable. I still remain committed to energy security first and foremost here and focus on the interest of energy, economy, and finance. If the low-income weatherization program is more widely adopted, I see benefist and an accomplishment that meet metrics accountability. This is a good first step.

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