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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Muntathar al Zaidi was lucky that a journalist grabbed him first

We all saw the video and incident. In this news report we get a quote from the Treasury on the incident. Let me say this: If the jack-booted thugs I met at Treasury had grabbed this guy first that his trachea and esophagus would have been used to tie a bow-tie around his neck and the agent would have been waving his live beating heart above his head in some aztec ritual still beating.

This was one of the dumbest stunts I have ever witnessed, where the video really ought to be a darwin award candidate.

These treasury employees, secret service agents train on the matts daily. They come to lunch with their pants tucked into their boots in the fashion of star-trek. Their instructors are contracted globally from the best sources, and simply stated: If these guys can reach out and touch you.. with bare hands.. you can die.

These are seriously some folks not to fuck with. I mean CIA, DIA, ONI, all these guys can be scary.. (i guess) .. not really if you understand them.. but the treasury thugs are the only ones who made me uncmfortable eating with. I mean seriously.. this outcome Muntathar al Zaidi terminated as a consequence of the agent laying his hands upon him first is likely... Keep in mind that the agent would not have thought.. Ok.. I'm going to kill this guy.. NO! It would have been a quick efficient dispatching of a threat...

I mean yes the video is compelling, but that was positively the dumbest thing I have seen short of somebody crawling into a zoo cage with dangerous animals.

Muntathar al Zaidi was lucky.... lucky that he was taken to ground by the press so that this media clip did not include his demise. Damn lucky.. don't fuck with the jack-booted thugs at Treasury.. if you do you are a fool.

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