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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Obama Meet the Press and Energy

I think the focus on efficiency is a good move. While not as comprehensive as an energy plan as true believers would like to see it is the most efficient first step. If government buildings can realize heating and cooling efficiencies with lighting connected to smart systems, we can take that industry stimulus into the private sector which makes this nation more competitive in manufacturing and job growth.

It is the correct first step and long overdue.

I'm also impressed with a president's ablility to speak without a controlled press conference. That leads me to belive that he grasps the issues.

I'm also impressed that the topic of terrorism was approached as if there is a connection in a big picture. That is to say, that there seemed to be a narrative (fair or not) that Iraq, Iran, Pakistan were seperate issues. Certainly the argument to go to war was connected in Iraq and Afghanastan. And then an emerging narrative that the two were seperate. It is important to have a message to the US public that addresses the larger issue. That was well handled.

The smoking question was poor decorum, in hard times is it important if the POTUS has crutches? Really, with so many challenges was that tabloid question necessary?

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