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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gardening and Michelle's garden

While I don't think it was calculated initially I think that there is a covenant between gardeners. I don't know how much support that this created but I would say that the demographic is rural.

Sites like the offer tips and more for gardeners and have done so for quite some time.

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But I think that something else is going on. I received a marketing item from a corporation yesterday, sunflower seeds with a corporate logo. And I thought with a 20% increase in gardening and that growth in the younger demographic, that somebody in a tough marketing economy had 'thought, planned, and executed efficiently."

I will plant the seeds.

The point here is that the gardens are as much about the change in the world around us as a statement about our place within it. It is not a negative response, but instead an empowerment response.

I guess as I see the response from a world of bad news stories at least by dropping some seeds in dirt something good comes from it... "it's the empowerment stupid."

And it is very smart marketing...

I'll post some pics of my bucket garden...

still not too late to plant this year

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