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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The lives of others

I would imagine that if one worked in the shadow of NSA, USNI, CIA, Treasury Secret Service, and DHS the first thing that the individual would come away with was that these institutions were comprised of people from all walks of life and beliefs. They would know that the political beliefs were accross the spectrum and that there was some ability to 'correct themselves' internally if abuse was getting out of hand, unlesss there was 'apping behavior' being performed from the top down.

I choose the title the "lives of others" as my blog name is an open invitation into getting noticed. This was not initially the calculated purpose of the screen name. It is much older than the programs that have since been created to monitor communication activity of the internet. My participation on the "internet" goes back to 2400 bd access.

The name was choosen for two reasons, to agitate neanderthals.. I have taken a position against KKK in 92 publicly in a suit following a 'populist campaign' and was surprised to see these people did exist, had marginal organization, and were if resolutely opposed and dealt with on their terms.. (and they were wrong) as was the case in the behavior in this particular case, that a peace could be arrived at. Said another way as soon as these people were certain that I would not back down and would escalate responses as they did.. bushwacking in the backwoods in a rural area, we decided mutually that we should both be able to visit a sports bar or the grocery store and not fear turning a blind eye, to the next 'sucker punch.'

I also used the name to almost protest the GE forums during irresponsible schilling in the midst of tulipmania, I also used the name deflationelation. For quite some time I had concerns that the 'gameplan' of deregulation was inheriently animal farm like in principles.

I also sort of laugh when I think of logging on as EqualTime onto Compuserve and announcing an interview.. and seeing DEE DEE get on TV and well... that was that age.. similar to a martian demanding an apology from Sherry Shriner.. the internet was like jumping into a zoo exhibit and seeing what the bears would do, without physically getting eaten. Intellectually who could resist?

DHS as an example is not "DHS" but the sum of it parts.. the people. Sure a few are @ssholes but the vast majority very fine people who really do care about the security of others. Compassionate or Vindictive? I would say that the former not the latter is the rule. I think that that generalization is appropo for all of the alphabet agencies popularized in media. There are few people like the 'movie stars' and in fact most the real people would not grab a second look on the street, they have their own lives, and sometimes peek into the 'lives of others'.

Are there abuses? Yes. and these institutions are generally self-correcting unless that self-correction is political and from the top. I cite as the perfect example:

On November 29, 2005, Gen. Pace was present at a press conference given by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, where Rumsfeld said that "the United States does not have a responsibility" to prevent torture by Iraqi officials. Pace disagreed with Rumsfeld, saying "It is the absolute responsibility of every U.S. service member, if they see inhumane treatment being conducted, to intervene, to stop it".[7][8]

Most of the humans at these agencies and institutions are like Pace. Most of the GOP are human. So the report that created the vast generalizations of veterans and the GOP, and the recent NSA news of gathering information, well that is dissapointing in that it is non-agnostic in focus.

What is really dissapointing is that our political spectrum is fueled by two extreemes, that 15% of the two party primary system put forth platforms that are designed to contrast as sharply as possible positions of 'cottage industry hate.'

The same is done globally.. there is a thriving 'cottage industry' of professional demonstrators, the guys with the armored vehicle who showed up at the G20, or the cottage industry of the klan, or the cottage industry of some other extreeme faction.. when to be succinct.. us radical moderates are fed up with BOTH!

I'm not sure if I dislike more the people who picketed veterans funerals screaming fags or the very public gay pride drag parades where S&M attired people march in public? Personally... If this is the way that the gay mariage issue must be fought I want no dog in the fight personally..

The point here is that the glittering generalizations may not be true, Dee Illuminati ought to be a ridiculous old woman suffering the indignities of trans fat foot on a pension, written daily like Tolstoy for a newspaper.. but know... there really needs to be a voice for 'radical moderates.'

The most infuriating last commennt I made before getting punched one time; which was true.. was "niggers come in all colors."

I think threats to society do as well. Hell looking back we could ARGUE that the damage done by investment bankers exceeded anything what some lone wold could do..

Yeah I have been deflationelation a long time, and dilluminati.

But if the lives of others were really known, you would see that we have more in common than at odds.

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