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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama auto emmisions and efficiency controls

"The status quo is no longer acceptable," Obama said in an announcement that will pressure carmakers to transform and modernize the industry to produce more efficient vehicles. Barack Obama

Indeed the status quo is no longer applicable.

Plateau theory drives Total to oil sands

As I read the news I follow the news that matters, the policy that matters, and the facts behind modern economics. I follow oil in all it's permutations.

I liked the title: America’s Energy Future: The National Security Risks of Business as Usual

I feel a sense of urgency on this issue, and if the American people are called to responsible action will respond. The segment "A Direct Appeal" in the report must be made.

I feel that the auto emmisions standard was the beginning of this appeal and that this is the right direction.

This lifelong Republican calls that "change we can believe in."

I'm optomistic that after we perform allot of floundering about and allot of unnecessary pain as a culture western society will make the required changes... I just want to see those changes made as quickly and smootly as possible.

Our consumption habits and lifestyles must change pretty rapidly, it is as if this generation might be looked back upon as the 'greatest generation' not for what we asked of others, but what we offered of ourseleves.

This legislation should have passed years ago, it is a good day.

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