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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Allegations of US meddling in the Iranian election

The allegations of US meddling in Iranian elections are the best proof yet that the Iranian government is unconnected to the crowds. It is the best proof yet that the demonstrations have at the core real grievances, a government unconnected with reality and the people.

The assertion that hundreds of thousands of people inside Iran are acting as a consequence of US "meddling" or influence seems to dismiss facts in a manner where it underscores the complete lack of accountability by that government to the people, as if the government could make an assertionn completely unconnected with the facts, and that was a satisfactory response.

Not only is the assertion laughable in the US and western society, ridiculed in the press, and certainly a feat that is not tactically possible by the US or even Iran for that fact.. it is also laughable in Iran itself.

The allegtion itself is the best indicator to date that the government is no longer responsive. I think that the demonstrations will prevail and a real change is at hand, if not immediately then soon, as responses such as blaming the US for a lack of responsiveness and reform internally is the last desperate act of denial of change at hand.

How unconnected is the Iranian leadership? When hundreds of thousand Iranians protest, they blame the outsider... they are incapable of an honest dialouge internally to address the issues of change. That inability to change is the definition of their numbered days.

Here is my attempt to meddle in Iran, hey.. please all protesters march in Iran with a loaf of bread on your head... lets see if these people march en masse per my request or if they march on their own?

The Iranian government is unconnected to reality.

The ignoring of facts does not of course change them.

Here are the facts, the US is incapable of doing what the Iranian government states, and the reasons of the protests are not being acknowledged, but instead ignored.

So get the popcorn, ignoring people is the best way to motivate them, they will drive the point home if you fail to hear it.

The protests will become increasingly larger.

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