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Friday, January 25, 2008

Rude Awakening, Economic Challenge or Economic Opportunity?

From The Times January 25, 2008 Shell chief fears oil shortage in seven years

This coincides with a very good analysis by the 2015 report

The global economy will continue to become more energy efficient through 2015. Traditional industries, as well as transportation, are increasingly efficient in their energy use. Moreover, the most dynamic growth areas in the global economy, especially services and the knowledge fields, are less energy intensive than the economic activities that they replace. Energy production also is becoming more efficient.

My purpose in posting this is not to "chicken little" the circumstances, but instead to acknowledge the challenge and opportunities. I guess it is fair to say that at some level the description of James Woolsey is the best description of what is happening in the means of addressing these opportunities.

"A COALITION of tree huggers, do-gooders, sodbusters, cheap hawks, and evangelicals." R. James Woolsey, former director of the CIA

As a matter of clarification, I'm a dyed in the wool Republican, pragmatist, who in many respects model my beliefs along the lines of Wayne Gilchrest who has done an astonishing job of looking over the event horizon, seeking compromise, and taking each incremental approach with the environment in consultation with business, seeking 'compromise' first. Now the zealots hate this pragmatism, but I'm not a dirt worshipping-tree hugger, ludite, cheap hawk, etc... but instead a 'radical moderate' who advocates pragmatism and is unapologetic about the benefits of a Capitalist system. I for the record believe in education, science, and math. I believe that this challenge has been long understood and the opportunities ignored by business as usual interests that transcends bipartisn bickering.

My biggest objection to our US National Security Challenges and Energy Policy is that somehow the citizen is not an integral part of the solution, instead seen as part of problem, and the outdated belief that government will provide an answer to this challenge.

Why is it that there is no real incentive to increase solar power in the stimulus package? Why is it that James Woolsey and George Bush Sr believe, but there is nothing in the means of actionable policy from the current administration?

Bush Sr. Installs Wind Turbine at Kennebunkport Home

As a national security and energy policy is the current administration ignoring the wisdom of two former CIA directors? Trust me folks, these are essentially really intelligent people, who either know a damn good investment or understand the promise of alternative energy.

So why is our discussion on energy independence and global growth not harnessing the Americans whom given an incentive would take capital in savings and invest in residential systems that would generate more electricity than they consume? Is it the argument that the energy is not needed appropo?

If I'm looking for new ideas, and smart folks to emulate, Woolsey, Bush SR, Wayne Gilchrest seem fine to me!

"A COALITION of former CIA directors, tree huggers, do-gooders, sodbusters, cheap hawks, and evangelicals." R. James Woolsey, former director of the CIA and George W Bush SR.

I made that quote up!

But actions speak louder than words.

I see opportunity in manufacturing and investment of these systems, where the capital of Americans can be harnessed not only for national security goals but for economic gain!

We need to re-evaluate the net-mettering legislation, economic stimulus packages, and promote tax credits where the wisdom of CIA directors is common sense and common practice for all Americans.

Oh.. OK I'm an evangelist, this is the only true believer endeavour that I buy into.

I have been yapping about the gold energy thing, here is an empirical insight. South Africa Power Crisis Deepens, Risking Its Economy, Investments when I think of the greater fool theory and the mal investment in Gold beyond a commodity, compared say to Solar PVC and wind turbines I just shake my head.

Here is another example: China orders 'urgent' action to avert power crisis.

I simply can't make this stuff up.

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