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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drive by Journalism

This piece embeded portrays Woolsey in a partisan manner that illustrates some real fallacies.

First the portrayal of Woolsey as an irrational neocon without a mention of his advoocacy of green technologies demonstrates the need to get your news and opinion from more than one source.

In fact I would go as far as to say that based on a "real history" of advocacy that Woolsey has no peer in identifying national security goals, and setting policies for needed change. When the Saudi King Abdullah drops a bombshell like he did recently you see the need for what Woolsey has advocated for such a very long time.

I dom't see the same character flaws that promote conservation being inherient in the general dissatisfaction with neoconservatives who did this nation such great disservice. The introspective question, "what can I do to conserve" or as a starting point of a solution seems at odds with all the empirical data that a neocon is painted with.

The real point here is that Woolsey is smarter than the war criminals and has consistently promoted more difficult yet effective policies, ideas really on the event horizon.

I don't think that it could be said of Woolsey that he doesn't allow facts to stand in the way of his opinions, nor was he a vocal advocate of the torture.

Truth be told Woolsey is Woolsey neither neocon or "CIA arabist".

You know damn well that Dee Illuminati will tell you all about yourself, at the very least the truth.

Well let me close by say Woolsey is Woolsey and the clip is drive by journalism and ironic that Woolsey was targeted; because Woolsey has more street creds in energy conservation than any Democrat including Al Gore.

You have to read allot to know some truths, Woolsey ain't the neocon that we all detest.

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