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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the Palin pregnacy story.

I guess what really after thinking about it is the sword of damacales that hung over a 17 year old's head as her mother took her on the global stage. If the mother had announced, "I'm the proud parent of 5 wonderful children and a soon to be grandmother." I would have sensed some unconditional love. And that is why the story resonated with me. You know allot about people by the way that they treat their family. If they treat their family poorly, you as the public can expect to be treated worse.

But lets look at what happened. You have to buy into the narrative that Palin was so cognatively deficient as a politician that she didn't "get" the fact that there would be an interest in a daughter pregnant and showing that pregnancy.

Given that certititude of exsposure by the media the mother decides to express shame and disapproval of her daughter on a global stage, rather than support her. The ommision of the fact of the pregnancy, allowing her daughter to be a stage prop, and then ensuring the sensationalism as a consequence of not being sensitive enough to acknowledge the circumstances.

And then the kicker.. after pulling her daughter on a global stage, and shaming her with a lack of an endorsement of unconditional love, then she wants "privacy" after pulling the child onto the stage.

You would think that if she wanted privacy that she would not have run for the office of the President of the United States. You would have thought that judgement in family matters, even from a calculated proposition of her child's condition would have elicited a better handling of the circumstances.

My parents always treated me better than that. I can't imagine the humiliation of being brought on TV and having a pregnacy non-acknowledged, not supported, left wondering what the next day would bring as a consequence of being a screen prompt for a political ad.

That is a damn shame. If that is family values it is not Republican family values. I'm a lifelong Republican and my parents are as well. And candidly we stick up for one another.

The silence of the mother was at best deceptive, cruel, cold, and indifferent.

I feel sorry for those children.

A loving parent would have been consistent in that love. Even Dick Cheney was unconditionally loving of his lesbian daughter. And though no fan of Dick Cheney I could understand that position.

But of Palin?? I see a very cold and cruel parent who was cruel to her child on an international stage.

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