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Friday, October 24, 2008

Dyslexic sociopath makes political statement, yeah... uhmmm

Ashley Todd has an entry in Wiki so does Joe the Plumber both pages are in DISPUTE on Wiki.

Now that mugger either had Dyslexia or that B was carved in a mirror. If you think it is easy carving a reversed B then take a piece of paper and try writing one three times, it becomes MORE difficult as we are not wired to do this.

The officers who investigated this incident probably realized quickly (hopefully so) that this was a fraud. How much easier is self-sacrifice than self-realization.

When our individual interests and prospects do not seem worth living for, we are in desperate need for something apart from us to live for. All forms of dedication, devotion, loyalty and self-surrender are in essence a desperate clinging to something which might give worth and meaning to our lives.

I mean to tell you, this is a TRUE BELIEVER and not too far away from self-destruction similar to the folks that Suicide attack. The law enforcement officers did a good job of dealing with this "ugly" assertion of being attacked, but then again, a sociopath that steals money, a mugger, is politically congnitive and sensitive????

Illuminating this women as a fraud was the right thing to do. But I imagine she needs a shrink and a suicide watch, I bet that she is more self-destructive now, than before, she needs a good shrink.

But lets review this, a dyslexic sociopath takes some time to make a political statement after he has the money.... uhhhhmmmm most law enforcement is too damn savy and street wise to not see past this... and shame on the press for not getting the facts correct.

We have a sick girl here.. fodder for extremists and cults.

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