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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Frankly a broken clock is right twice a day.

Nouriel Roubini frankly is not the only "IMF ECONOMIST" to buck the Fund. And Frankly a search of the term housing bubble did not originate with this man. And Frankly breakers have halted trading in the 90's and the world did not come off the hinge. And Frankly proclaiming your not a geek is the plaintive wail of a perpetual virgin who's semen is backing up into the base of his brain as he flails for attention of the opposite sex.

I posted Y2k Cats on FreeRepublic in 1999. It was a spoof where I found some photos of skinning of Squirrel's and re-wrote the how-to guide for cats.

Well Frankly the fact that it was on the internet was enough for some to get nervous and freak out! The end of the world was at hand and peoples pet's were in peril.

Well the end of the world did not happen. And I think that Nouriel Roubini reminds me of telling Y2k ghost stories. Frankly Nouriel I don't give a damn.

Make your own call, Frankly I think a piece of leg would cure the guy, I say we all chip in and buy this man a prostitute before money no longer exists.

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