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Friday, October 10, 2008

Your all diseased now!

I recall an associate at annapolis junction who would often just laugh and say "they're diseased" in reference to the George Carlin rant. I would often agree in respect to the inertia of tradition thought that often passed as common sense.

Though we saw foreign policy different, possibly best summed as purely agnostic versus idealogue. We nonetheless often looked at what was said and discussed and would shake our heads and sum up behavior or statements as: "they're all diseased."

As I was watching squat-box (yes a box which vocus flacus pours into daily) I heard a question put to Branson (virgin) to the effect, "what do you think about the concept that Northern Rock caused all of this?"

I can hear the scratching sound of a record now!!!! Whoa... what was that?

YOUR ALL DISEASED! I mean that is where we would often disagree, one a staunch apologist for status quo, the other looking at the disease and not the symptom.

I mean honestly.. Worldcom, CEG, AIG, Enron.. and I hear that the disease was Northern Rock?

No.. "your all diseased now" and were so before the contagion made itself honestly apparent.

A while back I pointed out that the Euro was no different than the US and that as far as disease was concerned.. it was like a bad B movie where you knew that these banks would start feeding on flesh at any moment.

What gets me is the worthless and irrelevant narrative of where institutions go through useless motions, or news people, cycles of useless narrative, where copyright lawyers stand-by to prevent you from reminding these people of their statements.

And that was a key difference, I didn't drink the Koolaid often and could be seen by my associate as a non-team player.. I mean I guess when it comes to coventional wisdom and intelligence that the narrative is more important than the facts.

Nope, YOUR ALL DISEASED NOW and the ailment will not leave until it kills off the hosts that carry it, and it will not stop spreading until deaths of these diseased are final, or a lazarus deal is done.

The real question and the only question that is applicable is if any lessons were learned?

Most institutions and especially "management" not leadership don't learn. And don't expect leadership from poloticians, they routinely stick their heads up, see what has happened, and then babble about it.

The market is actually a perfect instrument in that it is self-regulatory. Yeah I know that the term raises alarms, but self-regulating does not mean and absence of oversight and regulation.

But this disease is darwin asserting facts.

Yeah some of these CEO's probably the majority of them deserve the "darwin award."

But said succinctly, it is not the French Pox, or the Spanish Pox.... they're all diseased.

If you believe that this is caused by Northern Rock, then you need to go find a medievel barber and bleed some more.

Your all diseased now!

Your all diseased now!

Don't imagine for a moment that some smart people didn't see this comming.

Just remember the narrative at squat box is that.. squat.

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