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Friday, November 7, 2008

Easton, MD DA Frank Kratovil 1st congresssional winner!,0,7515061.story

Kratovil has expanded his lead to more than 1,800 votes.

Frank is reality based, no nonsense, and can be expected to make good stewardship decisions concerning the Bay.

I'm calling it for Frank and not waiting for the AP announcement. I also feel that small towns form character that require working together, you can't for instance make a statement about somebody that is a lie, and then not meet them driving down the raod and not wave, or not run into them at the store.

I have a sense of confidence that Frank will treat all 1st congressional MD people the same, Republican and Democrat and on both sides of the bay with the same good common sense and fairness he showed in his job as a prosecutor.

We have a good man in the job at the 1st and somebody who can be relied upon to seek solutiions and not slander.

Congratulations Frank!

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