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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Governor Gilchrest

AP: Kratovil wins 1st District It is funny that a strange confluence of circumstances creates the scenario where Wayne Gilchrest is suddenly well positioned for a run at the Maryland Governor's office.

Wayne has his traditional support of 9 terms in office, name recognition on the ballot, a strong following on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and a history of working cooperatively with the realities of MD politics, the reality being that it is a Democratic state.

I believe two things, that Wayne could take a majority and plurality of both Democrats and Republicans on the shore. The unique circumstances really make this a possibility where "as a Republican" that Wayne could win the Governor's office.

Politically the Club For Growth or "any" political machine should not short-sell Wayne's ability to understand the district and their sensibilities after 9 terms.

It is time to inquire of Wayne if he would like to explore the idea and put together an initial fund to do so.

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