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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My vote counts!

Without drinking the Koolaid I can only say that John McCain lost the race for POTUS twice to George W Bush. I supported McCain in 2000, sent money, and volunteered at the SC HDQT in Columbia, SC. In 2004 I voted Cobb. In 2008 I voted Obama.

I think that we are seeing a referendum by America on what America stands for. I think this is good, if we have a trade inbalance the most important export we have is American ideals.

Time to count the mail in votes, (mine included) I predicted a count in a previous post.

In District 1, Republican Andrew P. Harris and Democrat Frank M. Kratovil Jr. were running neck and neck with more than four-fifths of the votes counted in a race that was viewed as a test of national Democratic momentum. The outcome is likely to be decided by the counting of absentee ballots, expected to last through the week.

Putting aside the Koolaid, drank the champagne instead, I can only say "God Bless America." To the world we have stated again our belief that we still believe in ourselves. It is time to roll up our sleeves and get the tough tasks done.

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