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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Kratovil Gilchrest prediction.

Who is our POTUS? Here is a very well written explanation and candidly a well done blog.

I told you here first.

Wayne Gilchrest was never really a politician in a negative way, he however had that invisible coat of congressman before he became one, he was the right stuff. While Wayne often did not vote my wallet I never questioned his vote.

Wayne was a listener which was very peculiar for a politician, it is very difficult to find a photo of him talking. In his own way he would simply state both sides of the position, the pros and cons, seek a compromise to create a win-win solution, and if that was not possible, confronted with a dillema, he would simply state how he felt about the witch or the devil and vote that way. The man didn't need an opinion poll to know who he was.

Harris has a character defect, no invisible coat for the office, and frankly made a mistake of impugning Wayne who was known for his integrity. I guess Wayne a vietnam veteran and a US Marine knew that fighting was not what he was put in office to do, he remained a publio servant and a steward to the congressional 1st.

There are things before they are done, destinies if you will, and character often is the determining factor. Frank Kratovil's name proceeds him, again I don't expect to agree with him on every vote, but I also don't expect to question his motive for a vote.

It is the end of an age, a time to move on, and I know that Wayne has the character to do so, that was never in doubt. But I agree with Wayne that our better natures count, that our higher natures are what we should seek especially when honored to serve the public. To that effect Wayne never failed, and the support he gave to Frank Kratovil warranted.

Maybe Wayne would do good to serve in government in the education sector again, to mentor a new generation as a role model for service. My hope is that Wayne runs for Governor. irrespective of his choice, I know he will do well.

To Mr. Harris, you lied about the character of a special person and as these ballots are counted I want you to know that Dee Illuminati casted a vote to negate yours. Mr. Harris you are no Wayne Gilchrest and not the Congressman of the 1st congressional district, you were simply unqualified and it was not your destiny.

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