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Sunday, December 21, 2008

An occasional epic football game

It has not been since the The 1990 NFC Championship game where Jeff Hostetler and the Giants simply prevailed that day. This was genuinely one of the best games of all times, and while the Ravens beating Dallas was not an "epic" game, no Joe Montana did not play.. as in 1990 nontheless this was as near an epic game outside of playoff games as one gets.

The assesment that the win by Baltimore was a fluke can only be offered by those who didn't see the game as the National Football Leagure by exclusively broadcasting the game limited the audience, but this was a game that I think defined a new era.

To dismiss Baltimore of Pitsburgh who both visited the NFC East this year as a fluke is to ignore the wins by the Bengals also. The fact is; is that the AFC North is playing some good ball with young teams.

A near epic game where the announcers and the coverage didn't live up to the play.

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