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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rick Warren and the ADL

Read this to get a sense of the truth on Madoff. Good article. There appeared to be a secret society of Madoff investors.

Now I observe:

I see the Drudge link to the ADL story that decries the observation that Bernard Madoff is a Jewish thief, I mean lets get real. Here is the wiki entry, can that observation be missed? Said another way, as Bernard was all Jewish all the time, in schooling, in his charity, in his investment circles, etc.. how can that fact be missed? It is as if the ADL is saying after a lifetime of criminal activity in the Jewish community that we should ignore the later? Fraudulent conveyance is where people get drawn into legal woes by attoneys running up legal fees. I have had a close family member in a similar circumstance and all I can say is that a thief is a thief is a thief. Real people get hurt when criminals such as these duck and hide under the cover of groups such as the ADL. Lets be real clear about this, being Jewish is part of the story for Bernard, and the fact that he is a heinous thief is the reason of the story, not that he is Jewish. Of course the ADL is quick to take offense. The ADL thinks of all issues through their religion, as if facts did not matter.

Similar is the Gay Transgender Bi and other groups who interpret their world view through their genitalia. Bothe the ADL and the radical genitalia first crowd seek to intimidate an agenda upon the rest of a nation where it is not an issue of their exclusion, but instead a subscription to any public decision without their inclusion.

Lets be clear about this, I don't think that the inclusion of say of a sex change transgender gay rights activist adds anything to the innaugaration. The fact that these gay rights groups choose to make this an issue, or that the ADL decides to make the issue with Madoff seme similar.

I'm Glad that Obama is not thinking through his genitalia as a litmus, not seeing the world myoptic through hiis religion, that would be so like George Bush who never needed a fact when he had an opinion.

I wish the ADL's funds had been invested with Madoff and then a group of attorney take legal action for fraudulent conveyance against that group.. then they would see the truth.

I wish the public dialouge could rise above the waistline. I would hope that the "I have genitilia therefor I am" crowd, the "I'm jewish therefor I am" crowd, could join the "I think therefor I am" crowd. I think often and even with Warren's case and beliefs.. it is these positions of myoptic belief that they all share.. that make these groups and people the problem and not the solution.

I hope Obama passes laws prohibiting a swearing in ceremony and performs the oath instead.. removes the ten commandments.. puts criminals in jail like Madoff and tells people I don't as a matter of public policy care what you do with your genitalia.

With all the challenges this nation faces.. we don't have time for these perenial whinners.

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