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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I want an apology!

Lets get one thing straight here, I spoke clearly and asked the question, Caligula, Cincinatus, or Nero? YOU MUST DECIDE! And then I made the argument that "miserable failure" was the epitaph and it stuck!

I said repeatedly as did others though not as rudely as myself that a lack of an energy policy has left this economy and nation in peril. In fact the lack of an energy policy in the wake of 911, may ne looked back upon as western socities such as Iceland, Spain, and traditional "western cultures" struggle, the economic shock of incompentence, the societal shock of incompetence, will be the legacy of the lost decade under Bush.

Don't you try and pin this on the Illuminati. Go look in the mirror to the supporting of all things wall street and the abandonment of Main Street. Take a look at an unprecedneted opportunity to herald in new economies and the squalor and the results.

There was something absolutley strange-glove about cheney in his wheelchair.

No I always called it brutally honest, the guy was, is, and will be remembered as a "miserable failure."

No.. this second video isn't too harsh, I could exceed this with facts and figures

Some would say: "Wildly off the Mark!"

Some would say: "We need to go a crack some Kevlar!"

I say we have just seen an empire ending the reign of a man that will undoubtably go down in history as the most collosal failure and ruler in world history and become eventually synonomous with the term failure. I think that only a denial mechanism, an unwillingness to see things as they genuinely are, allows some to assert that history will vindicate somebody who states, "Well you know I made decisions that people disagreed with, and they were wrong, but at least people can't say I wasn't willing to make huge mistakes and poor decisions and remain stubborn about them!"

And you know the last minute people who waited for the bully to turn his back and walk away? You know, those who never really had a disagreement on policy, cowards most of them, never had the courgae to ROAR "miserable failure" and the tough questions.. well candidly they probably ought to buy into the heroic historical revisionisn crap stuff... I mean if they pandered to the initial crap, lacked self sufficient judgement to call it what it was.. lack common sense, well maybe they deserved the sweet taste of shit.

Maybe Bush was needed to show society what not to be, or what is about to come. Maybe there is no solution as long as people demand a free ride, wealth from nothing more than speculation, food in your child's mouth at the cost of famine to another's.

But ask, ask anyone, where was the energy plan? Where was the movement to make the nation more self sufficient? And don't toss that ludite proctectionist dogma over this way, And for that reason alone.. never a statement about self-respect and self-sufficiency, no energy plan, your scared, very scared, you fear.... well you call the man a failure and turn your back on him in polite company as he rides off in the sunset. It was worse than a reign of crime, it was a reign of stupidity!

Naw don't try and pin this one on da illuminati... Take a fucking good long look in the mirror and remember if you are capable of intellectual honesty.

It was the energy policy stupid! It was the energy policy stupid. 43 was the failure.

Sincerely Dee Illuminati, registered GOP, in God I trust all others pay cash in US denominated notes.

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