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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stimulus Package and considering stopping posting online

Leaders are a long, long way from accepting this reality, and when they do finally accept it it will, unfortunately be too late to find any kind of rapid exit strategy. The issue is expectations. People still have inflationary expectations, but this will turn, and expectations will change to the anticipation of price decreases, postponement of consumption, and when we do reach this point it will be the devils own work to get them out of that pit."

I read an article at Open Source GeoPolitics where a perennial musician and malcontent was in lyric attacking the stimulus package. And I thought to myself, after very open requests to "tone it down" and drop the blogging at annapolis junction... And my thought that the energy challenges warranted to continue doing so, when in the final days of the last administration when it was unpopular but obviously required to inject liquidity to prevent systemic default I supported it. And keep in mind there are engineers who ride choo choo trains and those who design aircraft.. they both go by the same title, and not all economist get the real peril of the circumstances we as a nation face, as a society face, as a culture face, if we fail to stave off deflation. Let me tell you as an economist who predicted deflation before it was popular, who predicted the housing bubble, predicted the internet stock bubble, and did not get pulled into any of these debacles personally.. that systemic risk leads this austrian economist to support as I did under the Republican administration a strong dollar and a resolve to fight deflation.

I'm serioulsy considering discontinuing blogging as Dee Illuminati. The message of energy challenges I feel has finally gone mainstream and as the proposition of supporting this position is no longer marginalized, there is no need for the additional sensationalism to the lurid pen name. Did the name gather attention??? LOL I will assure you that it allowed me to garner the attention, and then "turn" almost every intelligent person to my perspective if I supplied the facts.

I did not stop blogging as I was complacent with all in the world around me, not that I felt that suddenly we had entered an enlightened age, but instead that there was a concensus that we really did need to make some changes.

I will keep my old penname so it is not used in a racist or anti-semitic venue. However I think I might disclose and shock, quite possibly go audio with a blog, and as has been suggested by a former asssociate, "write one hell of a book" on my career.. insights, and opines.

But really putting all the political bullshit aside, and knowing that almost everything can be viewed in a political lense; I decided to log in to warn that as a socitey we are really f-ing up if we cannot find a majority in leadership and governance to make a list of items that are in agreement to stave of systemic collapse and deflation on a scale that will dwarf the great depression.

There are no farms to return to. This isn't the 30's were more than 1/2 of the industrialized nations employment was agriculture. We have passed the rubicon and have no recourse but civil unrest if there is not a means to keep the existing financial system functional.

This isn't about left or right, this is about right and wrong. And in the same unequivocal manner that I supported the first round of stimulus, I support the second one as well.

This might be a reason to even put oneself further on the line than say objections to an unnecessary war.. torture.. or a failure of an energy policy.

To be certain: playing games with deflation and politics will get none of those in office re-elected. It is a prescription for dissaster to not allow treasury and FDIC to manage as they did initially to prevent a collapse in confidence and a full scale systemic collapse.

This fucking around with politics is madness, Madame Defarge is knitting... you better get this stimulus passed while there is something left to stimulate.

For those who think I came off the reservation.. I drop the dee illuminati pen name and go full diclosure.... I'll set a whole new boundary to the term "reservation."

I highly suggest that this stimulus package pass on areas of agreement and that talking head politicians avoid a camera if despite the stimulus this goes bad......

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