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Friday, February 20, 2009

Two articles to illustrate yesterdays assertion

Ten Reasons to Avoid the Gold ETF Is a well reseached article. But if you don't read the article above you don't see the immediate issue in this artcile:

The investment demand for gold, which includes gold exchange traded funds (ETFs), gold bars and gold coins, was 64pc higher in 2008 than 2007. Demand for bars and coins rose by 87pc over 2008.

And then in the same article:

Even lower-value gold investments such as jewellery saw an 11pc increase in demand in dollar terms. Industrial demand for gold however, fell by 7pc. This was a reflection of the economic climate as fewer people bought laptops and other electronic goods that use gold in production.

Laughing.. do your own research and do not use 2008 figures~

I mean there are opines:

and opionions...

and like @ssholes everybody has them.

But I focus on the facts of math.. simple concepts like too many debts chasing too few dollars.. or in the case of gold.. (minus neumistic value) is a derivatives house of cards, waiting to come down hardest on the "buy and hold" gold bugs.

"buy and hold" people of any color take theology over math.

I'm on vacation and will not be posting or checking email. Stay long the dollar, refinance your home as if your job and those you know depended upon it, avoid those who need a bubble and your participation to make a living, and realize that no matter how fvcked up the USA seems at times, that travelling to other countries makes you realize that with all the warts... it's still the best system and will be here tomorrow.

I'll start focusing for fishing for value after the 15th and look at some prescient opportunities to make back what was lost when I get back.

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