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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jon Stewart Devastates CNBC

Well knows a thing or two about GE and Co. and the shows that they have been hosting for quite some time.

I remember Jack Welsch's wife on 60 minutes decrying how dangerous interent folks were, of course the same folks that were contacted by the SEC to be told "hey tone it down"... yes the SEC actually called people on their home phone numbers from yahoo screen names, to complaints made about comments in Yahoo chat rooms, were God only knows why the King's wife of touting were at, had concerns.

As it happened, Lesley Stahl at 60 Minutes made a segment[14] about misinformation on the internet (aired March 2, 1997) where Grabbe was singled out and interviewed on the show as a warning example.

Hmmmmmmm... I always saw the same thing that John Stewart saw when he did his video, I also wondered in pre-trading if signals were given by the people directly on the floor on live TV to indicate if an insider-trade should occur?

But anyway.. I retired the pen name in the late 2000 era as I will soon retire dilluminati.

Let me say this, that Grabbe understood derivatives, he understood the storm clouds on the horrizon. I find an irony in the fact that Orlin died on March 15th which is one of two major bond reclamation days; 9/15 and 3/15 respectively.

The copyright lawyers would have ripped me a new butt-hole if I had put together that video, which is a masterpiece. But I have to think back to the Eggs stock pick and Crammer, and the speculation of if Maria was tugging her left ear on TV or not?

I wonder if the SEC called John Stewart and attempted to get him to cease and desist with a phone call made not for the purposes of securitues enforcement but instead at the request of somebody like say Jack Welch's wife or Jack himself? I hear that Madoff had connections and that the guy who played the role of Orlin in his case in congressional testimony told the members... heh.. if you're mob... I'm not the bad guy... which leaves you wondering

But there is another point I want to make as well. Not that Jack Welch might have been more a recipient of being at the right place at the right time, at the apogee of a bubble... I mean some of his CNBC statements are really amazing.. no.. that is not the point I intend to make... No...

It is that the same @ssholes that told you how good things were are now almost all telling you how bad they are, and guess what?? If you listen to them you stand an almost certainty of being misled again.

I choose 3/15 as a pivotal day in my last blog entry as I know that:

9/15 was a near meltdown event.

3/15 will be tough.

that most of the bad news is being reported and that there is no real need to hide or cook the books with tarp and bank stress tests...



that the worse just might be behind us.. if not this march that september.

The same people who told you how good things were.. will be moooooing with all the other economists of how bad things are.. and the opportunity to buy low.. will come and go as fast as the ability to sell high.....

The point here is that if you do what these people tell you.. your f-ked

If they are telling you to buy at a peak then SELL!!! If they are telling you to sell.. then BUY!


International Financial Markets, 3rd Edition (Hardcover)

The author of this book cited by 60 minutes as a very dangerous man... well if 60 minutes had done it;s due dilligence.. maybe they would have warned about these schills, bankers, touters, and TV economists.

Now who is dangerous now?

Can anybody argue that all the material that Grabbe wrote that was found by some to be objectionable, that the derivatives chapter in his book International Financial Markets, 3rd Edition (Hardcover) would be the most damaging in the hands of those who the media promoted as denouncers?

I mean the irony of Stewart is rich... But Grabbe being called out by 60 minutes and Jack Welch's wife and his dying on 3/15 is....

well it is just strange enough to be true.

But here is the tip... if, if you sold out at the top of the bubble, put a percentage back into the sp index march 16th.. not all but some.. do it again 9/16.. not all but some.. when the same yapping idiots on tv are telling you how bad things are....

their track record is horrible.. to be succesful you have to ignore them.. and if the GE CEO is on Squat-box and the reporters are all giving him oral sex on live tv.. and his wife is complaining.. well ignore her too....

you get the truth here at Dee Illuminati...

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