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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Failed Nation State versus Weak Nation State

Yesterday I reflected on the outcome of the G20, namely "marginal economies becoming failed economies, marginal economies becoming failed nation states."

I read at USNI the following article (I see new media as an article) and this is worth reading.

Failed States Are Worse Than Weak States

It takes allot of hard work to put together a post in a blog, spell-checking, tense-consistency, and editorial constructs that engage. It is not easy and that is why some "stand out."

But it is nonetheless a valid observation that it does not take a Haiti or Somalia to qualify as a national security liability to western industrial nations as a consequence of inaction.

And here is another idea to consider...

If Wen Jiabao stops buying US debt, China's currency will rise – which is what America has wanted all along

I mentioned the European leaders who have behaved badly (in my opine) to financial challenges, (call it a crisis??) comments Financial crisis 'caused by white men with blue eyes'.

But that poor behavior and the rhetoric is not producing results that will avert "weak states."

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