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Friday, May 29, 2009

A civil responsible and serious discussion on energy.

Christine Todd Whitman, James Woolsey, John Podesta and Karen Harbert recently debated energy policy and focused on the pros and cons of nuclear energy at the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.

I was channel flipping and caught this debate. I think a search of dee illuminati would find that I have always been appreciative of James Woolsey and Christine Whitman. What impressed me was that the two sides were essentially advocating the same goals.

I guess what was really different about the discussion is that it is so unlike what we consume on TV as news or what is politicized. Consider when Ann Coulter degenerates into her tourette syndrome attacks, where when she leaps off subject and just makes a statement that leaves you wondering if that crazed look in her eyes is an act? You appreciate a rational republican position, you like and trust Christine Todd Whitman. On energy, Woolsey doesnt need an introduction and mentioned "Peak Oil."

The irony of course is that there was oncensus on so many points when psychotic politicians are absent.

Worth catching and the link has a stream and download.

And the winner of the debate?? The audience, they were treated as adults instead of being fed WWF wrestling.

It is a damn shame these two don't run together for office

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