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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A recurring theme

The economic downturn is making the world less safe.

An Estimated US$4.8 Trillion Could be Added to Global Economy if World Became More Peaceful

New Zealand World's Most Peaceful Country, United States Climbs Six Spots to 83rd Place

Bosnia & Herzegovina Most Improved; Moves Up 23 Places

Madagascar Sees Biggest Fall; Drops 30 Spots

I recall Jeff Stein poo pooing the DNI Global Trends reports that performed analysis on this topic, then he poo poo's a lack of a strategy or focus of US intel. I think that an emphasis on economics and the social impacts of economics will dominate the future.

I have wondered what metric could be wrapped around the issue of the economy and violence and have come to the conclusion that the nominal cost of energy is reflected through the social prism. What I find curious is a lack of a sense of urgency to create a transformational electric grid infratsucture that would provide national security, provide a framework for growth, and promote peace. As I consider the political will of the handling of GM where loans were made to 'prevent' bankruptcy where that result was baked-into the numbers, I see the cost of inaction of creating a national electrical grid delayed much more expensive.

The lack of this grid will produce a compound interest in a misery index. If GM can launch VOLT would we be able to support it?

The obvious is always the most difficult. Never underestimate the human capacity to see the truth, and yet again the ability to ignore it.

GM is bankrupt; I'm shocked... National energy grid delayed...

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