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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Looking back

I had to take a look back to see what Von Brunn had to say.*sa_/

I guess the meds were needed when he tried to perform a citizen arrest of the federal reserve. And I guess I wondered about the narcissism expressed with a failed life?


A person that is only concerned with their wants and needs and is a me me me person. They will do whatever is necessary, lie, cheat, steal, kill, to achieve their goals for their own personal elevation and satisfaction. In other words, they do whatever is necessary to get what they want and will walk over or destroy anyone to achieve this purpose. They are without conscience.

I wonder if the Narcissistic personality disorder of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il will evoke a similar act? Failed ideas or political theory, old age, and narcissim.

I held off on Kim Jong-il and the topic awaiting progress in a rational approach to this situation. To see that Russia and China got serious about the circumstance underlies their ability to see the world rationally.

But what of the narcissistic personality disorder? Ignore it? When it gets politcal it is like the Jim Jones' Jonestown operation. I'll make a prediction, not on an election but another political event.. Kim Jong-il drags North Korea into the deep end of the Koolaid and the fallout will be on the entire region.

That religous mind set, political intolerance, really.. truly the narcissistic personality disorder will result in millions of North Koreans dying from a nuclear response.

And look at the facts.. you have to take these people at their word, and we don't because we confuse our empathy and humanity with their ability to discern and make judgements and decisions when that capability is absent.

At an old age these types are dangerous and the narcissistic personality disorder fatal.

While the Sr. members of the security council could make a rare concensus on security, I nonetheless feel that they under estimate the circumstances. And that is the real fatal mistake.

Yep.. meds were needed when he tried to perform a citizen arrest of the federal reserve. What does it take to get the attention these people crave?

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